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A pharmacist’s or medical professional’s seemingly simple prescription error can have life-threatening consequences for the adult or child taking that medication.

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Drug Error Injury Lawyers

Every year, thousands of people in this country die from the effects of drug errors. Children and the elderly are particularly susceptible to these dangerous mishaps. Mistakes can happen throughout the process — the prescribing physician can write the wrong dosage or instructions, the pharmacist can fill it incorrectly, and the nurse or physician's assistant may administer a drug to the wrong patient.

A study by a major university revealed that nearly 1 in 5 prescriptions contained some kind of error. Prescription errors may include:

  • doctor prescribes wrong medication or drug that interacts harmfully with another drug the patient takes
  • pharmacist dispenses incorrect medication
  • pharmacist dispenses correct medication, but in wrong dosage
  • pharmacist mislabels the prescription
  • prescription given to the wrong customer
  • hospital gives medication to wrong patient

Mistakes happen, but there is no reason for you or your loved one to suffer for it. You deserve compensation if you have been harmed by a prescription drug error. HMG has years of experience representing victims of prescription errors.

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