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Texas Lawyer sues GM claiming dangerous recalled vehicles still out there

August 31, 2017

Source: By Mayra Moreno | KENS 5

SAN ANTONIO -- Corpus Christi attorney Bob Hilliard is speaking for victims, whom he said were killed or severely injured in crashes caused by a faulty ignition switch in eight GM models.

"I've sat with moms and dads that for years thought [their loved one] might have fallen asleep behind the wheel," said Hilliard.

Hilliard, who just filed a class action lawsuit against the automaker, said GM knew about the problem at least a decade ago. The company issued a recall last month.

"I have reached out to GM - we have urged them to issue a don't drive," said Hilliard. "The problem is two fold," explained Craig Cleveland with Beacon Automotive.

Cleveland said a heavy key chain coupled with a poorly engineered ignition switch is a dangerous problem and said if a driver hits a bump on the road the heavy chain could force the key to switch the vehicle into an "off" mode.

"It is causing the ignition to fail prematurely," he explained. "What we get is no power brakes [and] no power steering."

That means no control of your car; unless you think and act fast. "Unfortunately in a panic situation we don't always think so clear," said Cleveland. "There are cars in San Antonio right now probably thousands of cars that have this defect right now," said Hilliard.

Just two days ago GM issued a new wave of recalls. The largest of which recalled 1.1 million SUVS with faulty airbags.

On a side note, Beacon Automotive said a heavy key chain could affect any make or model's ignition switch and not just GM. The key, they said, is to keep your car key by itself.

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