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August 31, 2017

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas (September 25, 2015) Bob Hilliard, Founding Partner at Hilliard Muñoz Gonzales, LLP, and lead counsel for all personal injury and death cases inside the national GM litigation, today successfully obtained a Temporary Restraining Order for the Texas class-members in a class-action lawsuit against the German automaker, Volkswagen for installing defeat device software in some 11 million vehicles in order to deceive consumers about the efficacy of its clean diesel vehicles and cheat on environmental emissions tests.

We have asked the Court to order that Volkswagen preserve all evidence related to this recall and defeat devices.Given the large scale of this case and the clear criminal implications, it is critical that no further misconduct occurs, Hilliard says.

This VW earthquake is far from over. The aftershocks will continue for months. Regarding the depth and breadth of this deceit we are in historic and uncharted territory. Which, given the Auto Industry's conduct over the last decade, is phenomenal.

Though Volkswagen has voluntarily said it will not continue to sell these illegal vehicles, it is important that there is judicial oversight in Texas regarding this decision in case the company suddenly gets buyer's remorse.

It is critical that the Court prevent Volkwagen from continuing to sell vehicles with defeat devices.The Volkswagen brand is already destroyed--my clients have been and will continue to be harmed--we cannot continue to allow VW vehicles on the road that emit up to 40 times more harmful chemicals into the air. Diesel fumes are a class one known human carcinogen--exposure to these chemicals can cause severe respiratory problems, hospitalization, and even increase the rate of death."

HMG currently represents over 1000 VW customers nation wide and has filed a class action lawsuit in the County Court at Law No. 1, Nueces County on behalf of Daniel Tamez and affected owners of VW vehicles in an effort to force the auto giant to take responsibility for defrauding its customers and for disregarding the environmental emission standards designed to limit pollution in the places we all call home.

The hearing for the Temporary Restraining Order took place in County Court at Law No. 1, Nueces County in front of the Honorable Robert Vargas at 2 pm CST.

As reported by the New York Times, earlier this month, Hilliard negotiated a historic settlement with GM on behalf of over 1,300 ignition switch plaintiffs:

General Motors will pay $575 million to settle hundreds of civil lawsuits filed against the company over faulty small-car ignition switches, including the bulk of pending wrongful death and injury cases.

The company on Thursday said it reached a deal with Texas personal injury lawyer Bob Hilliard to settle 1,385 death and injury cases that he filed over crashes caused by the switches. The money also will be used to settle a 2014 class-action lawsuit filed by shareholders claiming that GM's actions reduced the value of their stock.


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HMG is actively seeking to represent owners defrauded by Volkswagen vehicles with its defeat device technology.


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