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Texas Attorney Bob Hilliard Stands Up to the Biggest Bullies in Our Nation and Wins

August 31, 2017

Source: Elite Attorney SA by, Jennifer Pucci Starr

Bob Hilliard is not a man to mince words, quite the opposite in fact. If you are within the audience of one of Hilliard's trials, chances are you'll be on the edge of your seat. Chances are you will hear a story of injustice. A story of a person who was unable to make their own voice heard under the booming threats of big business lawyers, that is, until Hilliard joined the fight and shaped and undeniable story out of an injustice.

Although a licensed Texas attorney, Hilliard is more accurately known as an American trial lawyer. Quite a fitting description, as many of his larger cases have been tried outside of his native state. For 35 years, he has made waves across the county challenging not only those intimidating corporations, but also institutions and government entities, including the one under which he holds his license, The Texas Supreme Court.

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