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Plaintiff’s Counsel in GM Ignition Switch Lawsuit Responds to Bellwether Trial Dismissal

August 31, 2017

Robert Hilliard, lead counsel representing owners of General Motors vehicles in the series of GM ignition switch bellwether trials issued a statement following the dismissal of a plaintiff's case against GM.

This week, during the first of several bellwether trials set to help parties achieve a settlement, GM filed a motion to add witnesses and submit evidence that would allegedly demonstrate that the plaintiff had committed a fraud on the court, according to the firm.¨

"To have any trial end in such an unexpected and unforeseen way is disappointing. Especially one such as this where the concerns regarding the underlying safety of certain GM's vehicles are legitimate and real," said Bob Hilliard, of Hilliard Muñoz and Gonzales LLP. "A jury's decision regarding the existence of a defect will have to wait until the next trial. I'm looking forward to continuing this MDL litigation and getting ready for the next case."

Co-Counsel, Steve Berman, stated "Today, the plaintiff has chosen to dismiss his case," the firm stated. "Notwithstanding this decision, we believe the evidence against GM remains strong and look forward to continuing to represent other plaintiffs in this landmark litigation. Until this point in the trial, we were entirely confident in the outcome, and it is nothing short of a disappointment that this happened," he said. "We believe that the fact of the matter remains: that GM is still at fault for a deadly defect that it attempted to conceal. And we are certain that this will not affect the outcome of future bellwether cases."

Hilliard states, "For this multi-national company, after knowingly killing and injuring so many for over a decade, and literally re-writing the book on corporate cover ups involving a deadly safety defect to now throw its hands up and and say it has never seen anything like this rings just a tad hollow and seems disingenuous."

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