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August 31, 2017


CORPUS CHRISTI, TX (June 30, 2016) In the wake of the horrific massacre at Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, Bob Hilliard, Founding Partner at Hilliard Muñoz Gonzales, LLP, has announced that he has been asked to represent the family of a victim of the Orlando shooting. Mr. Hilliard intends to file a lawsuit against Sig Sauer, Inc. and Glock Inc., the gun makers that manufacture and market the military-style weapons used by shooter Omar Mateen in what is believed to be the deadliest mass slaughter in U.S. history.

The family of Miguel Angel Honorato has hired Mr. Hilliard to help in the wake of the Orlando tragedy. Mr. Honorato, a 30-year-old resident of Apopka, FL, was at Pulse Nightclub with friends on June 12th when he was shot to death. Mr. Honorato's friends were able to escape from the nightclub as the shooting spree began. Unfortunately, Mr. Honorato lost his life during the massacre, leaving behind his wife, Minerva Mederos Jimenez and their three young children, Miguel Angel Jr., age 14; Joel, age 2; and Julian age 1. Mr. Honorato is remembered as a hardworking family man who was passionate about many things in life: his wife and children, family cookouts, looking after his seven siblings, his dreams of owning his own business and his love for soccer.

Mr. Hilliard also represents the parents of Miguel Angel Honorato, Alejandrino and Paulina Honorato.



Sig Sauer commercially released the MCX assault rifle in 2015.


Sig Sauer aggressively marketed its weapon as the next generation AR-15 assault rifle, eclipsing everything that has come before it. In its 2015 catalog, the company boasts that it offers a battle tested experience to engineer the world's toughest most devastatingly accurate pistols and rifles. By design, Sig Sauers MCX enables the shooter to spray a large number of bullets over a broad killing zone, without the need to aim at each specific target, with detachable ammunition magazines that can hold as many as 100 rounds. Most experts agree semiautomatic weapons are arguably more lethal than the automatic weapons used by the military because semiautomatic fire is more accurate. 


Sig MCX Exceeding the Standard Episode 1

Sig MCX: Redefining Adaptability

Six MCX: The First True Mission-Adaptable Weapon System


The Pulse killer also used a Glock 17 9mm semiautomatic handgun. Glock boasts that its semiautomatic pistols are "used in more than 50 elite military units worldwide. http://30th.glock.com Glock specifically designed the Glock 17 9mm for use by the Austrian military, yet aggressively marketed it for use in American civil society. Glock admits that the gun is designed for professionals and is "just what you need in high-pressure situations. https://us.glock.com/products/model/g17 That message reached the Pulse killer, who used it just as Glock intended.

Quotes from Bob Hilliard:

Our country banned assault rifles for years and years. Since the ban expired in 2004 innocent citizens of our country, young and old, have become and will continue to be victims of slaughter. No one is immune from being cut down by the same type of military-style weapon that was once illegal in the US. Millions of Americans want assault weapons banned outright—57percent currently support a federal bill to do so.

The National Firearms Act of 1934 protected Americans by regulating the machine gun. A 1934 machine gun is no match for a 2015 Sig Sauer MCX, yet the MCX and similar military-style weapons are now used for mass slaughter in our elementary schools, our colleges, our churches, our restaurants our theaters and our nightspots. The MCX is perfectly and intentionally designed to quickly kill masses, and in that regard, the shooter gets exactly what he paid for.


“As we now mourn the senseless act of violence perpetrated against the LGBTQ and Latino communities, many of them killed by the Sig Sauer MCX and a Glock semiautomatic pistol, which fired off multiple shots in seconds and ultimately claimed 49 young lives and injured 51 others, our nation must act to ensure that the heartbreak and devastation will not ever occur again.

The past has already borne sad witness to the assault rifle slaughter of our children in Newtown. We must forge ahead, honoring their memory by carving out a safer future by holding manufacturers to account for their product designs and marketing, just as we as a society hold all other manufacturers to account for their products and marketing.

As long as these weapons are specifically designed to shoot dozens of rounds in seconds, then it simply becomes a matter of luck and timing. If your luck runs out and you or your family are in the same place at the same time where these military weapons are being used, then innocent lives are lost and families grieve, end of conversation.

Then, after those who never believed that they would die from military weapons are put to rest in quiet cemeteries in towns across this country, the same scene follows that has sadly been accepted as part of our nation's fabric: the families of the victims come together with those that may one day be victims and in a collective voice of protest insist on common sense change. Yet, year after year, tragedy after tragedy, these grieving voices of reason are shouted down, drowned out by the politicians paid by the gun industry and its association, the NRA. The response is never nuanced: 2nd amendment! Then the cycle is repeated.

More than half of mass shooters in the United States used assault weapons and high-capacity magazines, guaranteeing the highest kill rate in the shortest period. Yet, manufacturers have not yet been held to account for their design and marketing decisions.

Gun manufacturers annually sell more than $15 billion in arms and ammunition. We will rely on the judicial system to begin to treat Big Slaughter no differently than any other U.S. industry. The law is that if you intentionally build and sell an unreasonably dangerous product for profit you can be sued and must answer to a jury for the damages caused by that product. This is the bedrock of our judicial system, applying to every manufacturer of any product made. Guns are not, and should not be, any exception. The idea that Big Slaughter could be above the law is mind-numbing.

Our constitution guarantees to every citizen a right to a civil jury trial for redress of wrongs. The gun industry refuses to police itself, preferring to rely on the protection of the politicians it pays and the association it funds. The innocent lives lost over decades have not yet and will not ever persuade them to demand safe gun legislation. American sons and daughters, wives and husbands, mothers and fathers, all die, and Big Slaughter continues to sell these weapons. We intend to insist on all citizens constitutional right to their day in court against the industry.

Mr. Hilliard is joining forces in the litigation with other prominent national lawyers. These include Steve Berman, of Seattle- and Boston-based Hagens Berman Sobol & Shapiro. Mr. Berman noted, for too long Big Slaughter and its paid allies have hijacked the national conversation about constitutional rights. The Second Amendment does not include the right to aggressively market unsafe, military-style weapons to civilians. Instead, the Constitution includes the right to be free from the unreasonable risks of harm that those weapons pose, the right of access to the courts for redress of injuries, the right to trial by jury in these cases, and, most fundamentally, the right to life. We will work tirelessly to see that all American citizens enjoy these fundamental Constitutional rights.

Deepak Gupta, a District of Columbia lawyer who works on gun issues, added: "This is the deadliest mass shooting in American history." Events like this don't occur anywhere else in the world, but they happen here with alarming frequency. One reason is the easy availability of military-style assault weapons. Companies that make a profit producing and marketing these weapons for civilian use should be held accountable for their actions in a court of law.

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