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Local Attorney Representing GM Recall Victims Speak to 3News

August 31, 2017


General Motors Chief Executive Mary Barra will appear before The House of Representatives Tuesday, for a hearing regarding recent vehicle recalls. At least 13 people have been killed after automotive malfunctions with the ignition switch.

Monday, GM recalled an additional 1.5 million vehicles, bringing the total to more than two million. Families affected by the defects are being represented by two Corpus Christi attorneys, Bob Hilliard and Thomas J. Henry.

Hilliard spoke to 3News about his case against the automaker. He says a hearing in Corpus Christi at the end of the week is aimed to force GM to settle the issues quickly. Hilliard believes the number of deaths from this recall could be as high as 300 since 2001.

Experts say the scandal could cost GM $750 million in settlements to victims.

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