KNC Radio: GM ordered 500,000 ignition switches before recall

KNC Radio:  GM ordered 500,000 ignition switches before recall

August 31, 2017

KNC 1070 CBS Radio Los Angeles by Jonathan Serviss

Some of the new evidence shows that GM was fully aware of the major problems with the ignition switches before the company told federal regulators.

Bob Hilliard
This is the most serious revelation that I have seen. It's serious because Valukas, who was hired by GM to do an independent report, makes no mention in his 318 page report of the fact that GM purchases half a million replacement ignition switches for what it termed to be a "safety issue." He also reports that the day before they purchased it there was a high level executive committee meeting where they decided not to issue a recall and they decided they really "don't know" what was causing all of these problems with these Cobalts.

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