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HMG Reports Dentist Sued for Unnecessary Procedures on Young Patients

May 23, 2018

Attorney Bob Hilliard

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas, May 23, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, Bob Hilliard filed a lawsuit on behalf of Rebecca Veibrock, her four children, and Lisa Vansomeren and her two children who suffered at the hands of Hudson, Wisconsin dentist, Dr. Andy Mancini.

The civil lawsuit, filed in Washington County Minnesota Court, details the mistreatment Rebecca Veibrock and Lisa Vansomeren's children received at La Petite Dentistry, including unfinished dental work, unnecessary teeth extractions, unfilled cavities, unnecessary caps, inadequate diagnostic testing and administration of anesthesia for various dental procedures.

"Hudson, Wisconsin had its own Joseph Mengele hiding in plain site. But, Mancini's motif was greed--each single procedure on each child was billable to insurance. Multiple procedures increased profits even more. Mancini disregarded the welfare of the child for the welfare of his wallet.

A pediatric dentist with a colorful, kid-friendly and inviting waiting room…drawing the children of Hudson in and then extracting their teeth for no reason, sometimes pulling as many as 11 teeth from one child's mouth during one visit with no medical justification; capping teeth with no medical justification; exposing children to dangerous and numerous x-rays without even covering them with protective lead aprons—sometimes taking the exact same X-ray 6 times, as insurance would pay him for up to 6 X-rays; and failing to use proper amounts of novacaine and hiding it by over-gassing kids with nitrous.

This would be every parent's worst nightmare except no parent would ever, in their worst nightmare, consider that their child's dentist would perform such horrendous acts on their kids.

"We are receiving calls day and night from parents of children who were traumatized by the negligent and harmful treatment of Dr. Mancini, owner of La Petite Dentistry and will be amending the lawsuit shortly to include at least 30 additional families," Hilliard says.


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Case: 82-CV-18-2486, Rebecca Viebrock, Lisa Vansomeren vs Andy Mancini, La Petite Dentistry, Inc., Figero Crowns, Inc.

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