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August 31, 2017

Bob Hilliard, appointed by the Federal Judge in the GM MDL litigation to be the lead attorney for all personal injury and death cases caused by GM’s defective ignition switch responds to the New York Times’ report of GM’s criminal wrongdoing.

Hilliard states, “It has seemed clear for some time that crimes were likely committed. A careful review of the documents supports the conclusion that GM’s conduct was surely criminal and that there was a cover-up after the fact.â€

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“With Judge Gerber’s recent finding that GM engineers and GM lawyers knew this defect would kill people and nothing was done, coupled with deaths and injuries continuing still today, it appears the Justice Department may have decided it’s time to send a message to the car industry. Not one involving just fines but orange jump suits.â€

“GM only feigns remorse when there is a threat of handcuffs. Yet, at the same time GM is pleading for its corporate life with the Department of Justice and trying to work out a sweetheart deal--right down the hall of the same courthouse in the civil court room GM denies any responsibility, for the hundreds of deaths and injuries caused by its defective ignition switch, declaring it has no fault and that it did nothing wrong. This is the epitome of corporate disingenuousness.â€

“GM is actively denying wrongdoing in the civil litigation. Hundreds of injuries and deaths caused by this defect and, at the same time GM negotiates with the Justice Department to plead guilty, it instructs its civil lawyers to deny fault and make each victim spend millions to try and prove their case.â€

“I call on GM to finally and completely do the right thing and concede full responsibility for this tragedy. Instead of compounding the misery of the victims by prolonging the civil litigation.â€

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