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Hilliard Munoz Gonzales LLP: GM Should Waive Its Bankruptcy Shield

August 31, 2017

Bob Hilliard, appointed to lead the nation's personal injury and death cases against GM today called on GM to voluntarily waive its Bankruptcy shield and allow the thousands of victims who may be barred from pursuing both personal injury and economic loss claims to seek the same relief and have the same rights as similarity situated victims who can sue GM.

Political cartoon of GM CEO Mary Barra and the Feinberg Compensation fund

"It is simply morally incomprehensible that this company makes this argument now. GM is the modern benchmark for corruption and deceit. It knowingly killed and injured its own customers and intentionally lied and covered up this conduct for over a decade. Now it stands in Bankruptcy Court, pleading for complete immunity from responsibility."

"The Feinberg Fund failed on many fronts. GM refused to allow Ken Feinberg to consider any of the ignition switch recalls except for the very first recall. This left over 87% of the victims of GM's defect with no recourse but litigation. Now, GM is attempting to legally kill the claims of the victims it actually killed."


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