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Hilliard Files Lawsuit For Fan Struck At Diamondbacks Game

September 28, 2017

Attorney Robert Hilliard sitting on steps of legal building

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas, Sept. 27, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Bob Hilliard, an attorney who filed a lawsuit on behalf of a season ticket holder seeking to compel MLB to extend the netting to protect fans, filed another lawsuit today, Tuesday, September 26th 2017, on behalf of a fan who was injured at an Arizona Diamondbacks game in June. The fan, Terry Santiago, was attending the game with his wife and 5-year-old son.

Mr. Hilliard stated:

"There is a needless and preventable danger at ballparks, including Chase field. Nets are a no-brainer and to say that it's worth putting the very lives of their fans at risk instead of extending the netting is criminal. Is it really going to take the actual death of a MLB fan while in the stands who is killed by a foul ball to finally take this simple and necessary step? Everyone not behind the net is vulnerable, be it a child, one of our elderly or someone who is just watching the game. We have yet another case of a fan being severely injured at a baseball game--this time at Chase field during a Diamondbacks game. MLB must take accountability and must protect the people in the stands."

Santiago was sitting behind the Diamondback's dugout, where there are no nets, when a foul ball hit him directly in the face. He was taken by ambulance to the emergency room and has had two surgeries to repair the "blown out" orbital floor of his eye.

The Cardinals' player who hit the ball, Greg Garcia, urged MLB to increase fan safety:

"Major League Baseball has got to step in and they need to make this a mandated law that you've got to have the net, just like most stadiums."

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