August 31, 2017

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas (June 9, 2015) Bob Hilliard, appointed by the Federal Judge in the GM MDL litigation to be the lead attorney for all personal injury and wrongful death cases caused by GM’s defective ignition switch responds to the Wall Street Journal’s report that the Department of Justice is considering charges of Wire-Fraud against General Motors.

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Hilliard states, "GM was intent on deceiving the public through use of the wire (communication via electronic transmissions) by knowingly withholding critical info from NHTSA. 'Knowing' can mean deliberate indifference."

"Inasmuch as GM knowingly misinformed NHTSA (a governmental agency charged with keeping the public safe) it was obstructing justice by making false statements."

"Manhattan U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara is a sharp-toothed bulldog who will not be cajoled as easily as NHTSA.Unless and until GM employees face jail time, and GM faces a loss of all of its profits, there will always be an attitude that customers are expendable, profits are not."

"No doubt GM has long thought of NHTSA as a toothless tiger. A governmental agency that was always been way too cozy with the industry it is charged with overseeing. Compare NHTSA to the FDA: Blue Bell Ice Cream kills 3 people and within weeks the FDA orders all shelves cleared and all products removed. GM kills hundreds and NHTSA refuses to issue a "Park It Now" Order. They allow for a slow recall/replacement plan where, almost 2 years later, the replacement of the deadly ignition switches is still nowhere near complete."

"GM plays cat and mouse with NHTSA and wins. It seems GM's end game was to keep NHTSA in the dark, provide as little information as possible and, even when it knew that minimal information was misleading NHTSA, to continue and promote this misinformation."

"GM literally makes tens of billions of dollars and needs a governmental agency to tell it to do the right thing? That is laughable. As long as GM wants to game the system it can."

"Until jail time is mandatory and all profits are forfeited there will be deaths caused by this short-sighted greed."


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