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First New York Lawsuit Filed For Scooter Injury

September 11, 2018

Attorney Bob Hilliard

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas, Sept. 11, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, Bob Hilliard filed a lawsuit on behalf of Victor Medina for serious injuries he sustained while operating his Immotor GO Electric Scooter in the Bronx, New York.

 Mr. Medina was riding his Immotor GO electric scooter in a neighborhood on a clear afternoon when his brakes suddenly and without warning engaged, causing Medina to be sent flying over the handle bars and onto the pavement. As a result of the accident, Medina was knocked unconscious and sustained a concussion, fractured left hand, facial lacerations, jaw dislocation, left shoulder laceration, and knee lacerations

The lawsuit filed in the Southern District of New York brings claims against Immotor LLC, the manufacture of the scooter for negligence, defective design, and failure to warn of the scooter’s substantial dangers.

Hilliard states, "Injuries are part of the electric scooter story that haven't been told. With no training, any person of any age can jump on a scooter and ride down a sidewalk or city street. There is no way for the rider to appreciate the danger to themselves or others if they suddenly have to weave or stop. Plus, there are no helmet requirements. These are potential death-peds, masquerading as a harmless and easy transportation option."

"If you lose control and get ejected into the air at 15 miles per hour and land on your head in the street, that's enough force to kill you — and almost nobody on these scooters is wearing a helmet."


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Case 1:18-cv-08246

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