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Family to Accept GM Ignition-Switch Compensation, Attorney Bob Hilliard Says

August 31, 2017

Source: NBC News

The family of at least one victim killed in a General Motors Company vehicle with a faulty ignition switch will accept an offer from a program set up to provide compensation for crash injuries and deaths, a lawyer for the family said on Thursday. The lawyer, Robert Hilliard, said the compensation program had extended offers to the families of Amy Rademaker and Natasha Weigel, two teenage girls who were killed in a 2006 crash involving a 2005 Chevy Cobalt, one of 2.6 million vehicles recalled by GM since the beginning of the year for switch problems.

Hilliard said in an interview that one family had decided to accept the program's offer, and the other was still weighing whether to accept. He declined to say which family had accepted and how much each had been offered. It is the first known instance of a crash victim's family accepting a compensation award from the program, just days after the first offers were made.

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