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Families plunge back into grief with GM recalls

August 31, 2017

General Motors' massive recall of faulty cars came eight years after Doug Weigel tucked a white hockey jersey inside his 18-year-old daughter's casket and cried himself into accepting her death as just part of life, unavoidable.

For Weigel, the consequences of the automaker's announcement that some of its malfunctioning cars have killed people are carved in stone on the teenager's grave: "An unfinished life, God needed a goalie."

Natasha Weigel and her friend, Amy Rademaker, 15, were riding in a 2005 Chevy Cobalt- a now-recalled mode-when the car suddenly lost power and slammed into trees on a rural Wisconsin road on Oct. 24, 2006.

Amy died four hours and 33 minutes after the crash, while Natasha Weigel lingered for 11 days in a coma. Doug Weigel deployed to Kosovo with the Army months later and, while clutching a quilt made of his daughter's hoodies, tearfully accepted her fate.

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