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ETX woman sues GM, says company “watched silently” as she was convicted in fatal wreck

August 31, 2017

CBS 19 NEWS | Updated: Jun 10, 2014 5:18 PM CDT By Field Sutton

A lawsuit filed in the Federal court system's Eastern District of Texas Monday seeks to punish General Motors for allegedly covering up the specifics of a 2004 car accident in Van Zandt County.

For years, Anderson believed she may have been responsible for the accident.

"What is remarkable is they used the very two things that the defect causes - a lack of ability to brake and a lack of ability to take evasive action to support their argument that this was all the driver's negligence." Attorney Bob Hilliard.

Last week Anderson learned the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration had linked Erickson's death to the now-infamous GM ignition switch defect and subsequent recall.

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