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August 31, 2017

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas (June 11, 2015) Plaintiffs in the ongoing General Motors MDL litigation before Judge Jesse Furman have filed a motion seeking to compel General Motors LLC, or New GM, and their counsel King & Spalding to produce documents under the crime-fraud exception to attorney-client communications and attorney work product.

Key and ignition switch

Hilliard states, Lawyers have a duty to not participate in crimes. By allowing evidence of a defect that will kill and injure to be covered up and those cases confidentially settled both GM and the attorneys advising them sentenced many of my clients to die.

It is unthinkable that just to keep GM's business, lawyers decide to help cover up the defect. They then help cover-up the cover-up. I can take these lawyers to the gravesites of the kids killed because of this defect. Kids perhaps not much different than their own children. I can show these lawyers the broken hearts of parents across the nation who are suffering the consequence of the lawyer’s advice to GM.â€

If you know your client is killing kids and continuing to sell defective cars, you have a duty to shout as loud as you can, as quickly as you can and as often as you need to be sure not one more death occurs. Instead, they put an army of lawyers on the task of burying the evidence, a paper vault of confidentially and secrecy conceived and crafted by GM's attorneys at GM's direct instruction.

The success of GM's lawyer's advice and actions and the skill by which this law firm accomplished its task, for which it was paid handsomely, can be felt in the graveyards across this country.

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