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Chevy crash victim’s mom: Meeting with GM ‘was a waste of my time’

August 31, 2017

Renee Trautwein, whose daughter was killed in a 2009 crash involving a Chevy model that is now under recall by General Motors, found little comfort in a Monday meeting with GM's CEO Mary Barra.

"Again, it was scripted," Trautwein told Savannah Guthrie on TODAY Wednesday. "There was no dry eye in the room except Mary Barra. Her lawyer actually asked for a Kleenex, which she never used. I felt it was a waste of my time. I felt I was more there for a group parent session of our grief than anything to do with GM trying to make up to us for it."

GM has recalled 2.5 million vehicles worldwide in the past two months after finding a link to faulty ignition switches and airbags that failed to deploy. Officially, GM says it knows of 13 deaths and 32 crashes connected to the defective parts. Sarah Trautwein's is not one of the deaths that GM has acknowledged.

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