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Whistle Blower

If you’ve had the fortitude to expose the wrongdoings of a company, you are probably paying for it with the loss of your job or other punishment by the company. There are laws against such retaliation, but they are so complex they have been described as a “patchwork” of laws. Our experienced attorneys have thorough understanding of the legal complexities inherent in whistleblower cases and can use that knowledge for you in court.

You are a whistleblower if you have disclosed information that you believe is evidence of:

  • violation of any law, rule or regulation
  • gross mismanagement
  • gross waste of funds
  • abuse of authority
  • substantial, specific danger to public health
  • substantial, specific danger to public safety

Once you’ve blown the whistle, exposing the company’s wrongdoing, it is unlawful for that company to retaliate against you by:

  • terminating your employment
  • demoting you
  • harassing you
  • garnishing your wages
  • allowing other employees to mistreat you

These acts of reprisal are unlawful and may be grounds for a lawsuit to obtain damages.

We are proud to represent the rights of corporate whistleblowers in court. Call 800-334-3298 to tell us about your situation. There is no charge for the initial consultation.