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Drug Recalls and Medical Devices

Drug companies can rush dangerous drugs to the market without adequate testing or keep drugs on the market despite warnings from doctors and patients.

Drugs that have been shown to have dangerous side effects include:

  • ACTOS, popular Type 2 diabetes drug that caused bladder cancer in some patients
  • AMIODARONE, a drug for treating irregular heart rhythm and found to cause severe lung damage, blindness and death
  • AVANDIA, Type 2 diabetes drug linked to life-threatening heart side effects
  • BARDOXOLONE METHYL, an experimental therapy for advanced chronic kidney disease. Drug trial stopped because of dangerous side effects and deaths.
  • BENDECTIN, was used for morning sickness until it was linked with birth defects. Recently reintroduced to the market as Diclegis.
  • BMS-986094 was an experimental Hepatitis C drug. Some patients in the drug study suffered heart or liver damage.
  • DIETHYLSTILBESTROL (DES), a drug used years ago to prevent miscarriage and now affecting the children and grandchildren of women who took it
  • ESSURE birth control device has caused life-changing physical and mental complications
  • LEXAPRO, anti-depressant marketed as safe for pregnant women led to birth defects and autism in their babies
  • MIRAPEX, prescribed for Parkinson’s and restless leg syndrome, can cause heart damage and compulsive behavior
  • PAXIL, anti-depressant marketed as safe for pregnant women was responsible for birth defects and autism in their babies
  • RISPERDAL was marketed for bipolar disorder and autism in children. Maker did not disclose severe side effect: breast enlargement in young men.
  • TAXOTERE, chemo drug commonly used to treat breast cancer. Has caused permanent hair loss in many patients.
  • XARELTO, a blood thinner that has resulted in uncontrollable bleeding and death
  • ZOFRAN is prescribed for morning sickness and has been linked to devastating birth defects.

Drug companies can be just as irresponsible with medical devices such as heart defibrillators, breast implants and artificial hips and knees.

The qualified attorneys at Hilliard Muñoz Gonzales LLP have extensive experience representing victims of dangerous drugs and medical devices.

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