There is strength in numbers. A group of people that has suffered the same or similar injuries can collectively file one lawsuit — this is known as a class action.

Individuals who are discouraged from filing suit because of the low monetary value of their claim should consider a class action suit, which combines multiple small claims into one large sum.

Class action lawsuits are often appropriate in antitrust, consumer fraud, personal injury, products liability and other cases involving a large number of plaintiffs (those bringing suit.) A few plaintiffs may file a claim on behalf of all members of the class and petition a judge for class status, which may be granted if:

  • The number of class members makes it impractical for all to join in the suit

  • The class members’ claims share common questions of law or fact

  • The claims or defenses are typical of those for the rest of the class

  • The proposed class representatives will adequately protect the interests of the entire class

  • Common questions of law or fact predominate over questions affecting only individuals

  • A class action would be superior to other methods of litigating the case

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